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I'm Ben Davie

Personal Trainer, Run Coach and Movement Specialist 

My message is that Fitness is for everyone. I actively work to break down barriers because I believe that exercise can be accessible and enjoyed by all. Sometimes, we just need to dive a little deeper to find out what that means to you.

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I absolutely love taking clients on a journey with running. I firmly believe that running is something that can become enjoyable because for me the feeling of accomplishment once you have completed a run (whatever level) is second to none. After all, the feeling - the ‘Runners High’ is why I run.  

Personal Training

Train with me and I'll help you set goals and ensure that you stay on track with a program to follow on my client app. I can help you to build strength, shift fat, move better and improve your athletic performance. Personal Training subject to availability so get in touch with me to book a consultation call.

Personal Training
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At 55 years old my athletic ability was lacking in many ways and I felt that it was too late to do anything about this.  From day one Ben reassured me it wasn’t too late and encouraged me to believe in myself and make small steps which would add up to huge gains for my physical and mental health.


During the first lockdown I felt an overwhelming urge to do something for our next generation. So I started YouTube fitness and wellbeing sessions. These sessions ranged from Cardio workouts to Football fun sessions, Yoga, Mindfulness and feel good stretch videos.

This has led me to work with a number of schools, helping to support children and provide tools which they can use for overall wellbeing. 

The schools sessions always include ‘Energy Moments’ ‘Motor Skills’ and ‘Mindful Moments’. Energy moments are an opportunity to work the cardio vascular system.

Motor Skills allow the children to learn and develop skills such as balance, co ordination and agility.

Mindful moments are designed to be present, breathe and connect with the world around the children.


These sessions can be in person or delivered digitally and include Yoga/ mobility, desk stretch, audio guided run/walks and bodyweight strength sessions. I offer tailored programs based on the employers preferred methods/ team availability.

Ben also offers an In Person Wellbeing Day which includes Energising Movement, Mindful Moments and a talk on the 3 Ms (Movement, Mindset and Motivation). The talk is designed to uplift and empower employees.

Ben Davie
Ben Davie
Schools Wellbeing
Corporate Wellness
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