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Personal Trainer, Run Coach and Movement Specialist

Movement for me is medicine. There is no better feeling than feeling stable and strong in your own body.


I actively look for inspiration in my day to day. I use this inspiration to empower my clients with knowledge, wisdom and motivation.


There is a lot of important tools which help overall wellbeing and ultimately success will come from having a well rounded approach. For example - a training session is X amount of time in your day. Its important to think about what you are doing around this to support your wellbeing.


Positivity is contagious and for me this is a crucial part of my DNA. I always seek positives in any given situation. A positive mindset has massively helped me overcome challenging situations so I completely understand the importance of this. I strongly believe that our environment and who we choose to spend time with will reflect in who we are.


I am passionate about using fitness as a tool to help you live not only a happier life but also provide movement longevity. 




Your Faster 5K

I’ve known Ben since May 2020 when I made a random comment on an Instagram post he shared in lockdown.  He replied to me straightaway and hasn’t been able to get rid of me since!


At 55 years old my athletic ability and sporting prowess were lacking in many ways and I felt that it was too late to do anything about this.  From day one Ben reassured me it wasn’t too late and encouraged me to believe in myself and make small steps which would add up to huge gains for my physical and mental health.


Ben’s Beginner Run Program has combined a great collection of music with a massive amount of positivity and encouragement together with all the technical know-how a novice runner like me needs.  Through his Facebook Page and WhatsApp groups he has linked people the length and breadth of the country with the common goal of moving in the best possible way.  He certainly always goes the extra mile and has kept an eye out for my progress each week; even when I was seen running around the local park answering him back on the audio!


My most successful venture has been his recent 6 week fitness challenge (which I hope he repeats soon).  The challenge gave me so many gains on accountability, with weekly check-ins, encouragement from other challenge members and tailor- made training suggestions, via Email or Social Media, which were easy to follow, contained good tips on technique and slotted into my working week perfectly.


The 6 week program enabled me to form some good habits about movement, mindset and nutrition.  I’ve been able to carry these on after the challenge ended and feel like a new person on so many levels.


If you are hesitating about signing up for anything that Ben runs, please don’t.  Put your positive pants on and give it a try; you won’t regret it I promise.  If I can move so can you!’’

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